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      Short Term Letting Following The Watergate Decision - Podcast


      In July 2016, the Victorian Supreme Court found that owners corporations could not make rules to ban owners from short term leasing within their buildings. This means that owners will not be able to stop other owners from renting their properties on sites like Airbnb.

      Listen to Robert Savage, Melcorp Strata Owners Corporation Manager discuss this landmark decision and its ramifications with Amanda Farmer from Your Strata Property.

      Listen to podcast here.

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      Gino Marinaro

      Owners Corporation Manager
      Melcorp Strata


      +61 3 8638 1822

      Gino Marinaro leads Melcorp's team of experienced and dedicated Owner's Corporation Managers. To request a management proposal for your new or established building, please contact Gino today. ?

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