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      Melcorp Strata appointed to manage M-City


      Melcorp Strata are proud to announce we have been appointed as the Owners Corporation Managers of the residential component of an exciting new development in Clayton called M-City.


      The mixed-use development is considered the largest project ever constructed outside the Melbourne CBD. The M-City precinct is comprised of 60 specialty retail stores, an international hotel, short-stay accommodation, dining and entertainment options, a gym, childcare options as well as a number of commercial offices and residential apartments and terraces.

      The precinct aims to create a vibrant community, with the benefits of resort style living – including luxurious pools, entertaining areas and a tennis court, as well as a range of curated leisure and lifestyle activities.

      Melcorp Strata will be managing the 4 residential towers which will consist of close to 700 apartments.

      The dynamic new development is expected to start settling from February 2020 and will be an exciting new addition to the City of Monash and Melcorp Strata’s portfolio.

      For further information about Melcorp Strata’s services please contact Gino Marinaro on +61 3 8638 1822 or gino.m@melcorpstrata.com.au.

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