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      Benefits of using a mortgage broker


      Times have changed in lending, and like all change it takes some getting used to. When it comes to buying a home, where do you even start? Home loans are complex, with many different elements to consider. That’s where the Mortgage broker comes in.

      Here are 7 reasons why you should use a mortgage broker:

      1. Brokers help you throughout the whole process.
      Brokers can assist you from the pre-purchase phase until the very end – every step of the way, the broker is there for you. They do all the work behind the scenes so you can rest easy.

      2. They aren’t tied to any particular banks
      They compare a range of lenders and products, saving you the time and money spent whilst shopping around. This improves your chances of getting approved and ensures you’re getting the best rate for your circumstances.

      3. The service is free!
      That’s right, the service is free of charge. Your mortgage broker works for you – but doesn’t get paid by you.

      4. Benefit from their experience
      They have been in the industry for many years. Benefit from their experience in getting the best loan for your circumstances and their knowledge of how to get it approved.

      5. They can speed up the application
      They handle all the paperwork for you, and because brokers have great relationships with the bank’s, your application can be turned around quicker.

      6. They help make the home buying process easy
      They will keep you updated every step of the way, and liaise with your conveyancer and real estate agent for you. They explain all the home loan features, including offset accounts and redraw facilities which can help you manage your loan over a long-term period.

      7. Accessibility and convenience
      A single point of contact throughout the entire process and available at times which suite you.


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