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      About Melcorp Commercial

      Melcorp Commercial have been managing and selling commercial real estate on our client's behalf for over a decade. We go above and beyond to deliver five-star personalised service to each and every client.
      Largest City Network
      We do things differently
      Innovation is a cornerstone of our business with a focus on delivering in every situation to achieve results for you.
      Our Success is Our Client Success
      We tell it like it is
      We know you have a vast array of information at your fingertips, after all this is the information age. Our role is to bring you specialist advice that is concise, relevant, and timely.
      We do things differently
      We transact
      We deliver results, and it is no secret that we do this through hard work and personal service.
      A Reputation for quality
      We are accountable
      We take your brief seriously and personally because your success is our success. You won't be passed around from agent to agent at Melcorp.
      Loyal and active database
      We know Melbourne
      We have a four-office network across inner Melbourne and have been operating here for over a decade. Our knowledge spans residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and office real estate.
      We Speak Your Language
      We are more than just an agent
      We are at your service, whatever your unique requirements; property management, strata management, finance broking solutions, property development, architectural and interior design.
      Committed to excellence in commercial real estate

      Our team of experienced and dedicated agents can assist you in all areas of sales and leasing within the commercial and industrial landscape. We look forward to discussing your requirements and delivering you a successful outcome.